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Models / Angelina Elise

Avg Rating: 4.4

Angelina Elise Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Fit
Best Feature:  Gym Toned Body
Date Joined:  29 March 2017
Twitter:  @AngelinaElise

Gym fanatic Angelina is an internationally published model and fetish actress. She is well known for her stunning toned 28-24-28 body and DD tits.
The 31-year-old splits her time between working in the UK and USA where her 5"6 figure is in high demand.
Angelina Elise Updates

One Last Penis
Angelina Elise May 24, 2017
It's Angelina's wedding day but she is getting worried about the fact she will only see one penis for the rest of her life. She persuades wedding planner Jake to show her his penis otherwise she won't pay his fee! He strips off and she gets all excited as his cock starts to grow. She strips out of the...

Soft To Hard
Angelina Elise March 22, 2017
Angelina is doing a thesis on male arousal for her PHD and she needs to study a live subject. She convinces flatmate John to drop hiw towel and let her watch his cock go from flaccid to erect. She gives amazing commentary and wide eyed cock shock as his dick twitches under her gaze. All on its own it...