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Models / Chloe Sas

Avg Rating: 5.0

Chloe Sas Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian / Arabic
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Stunning Looks
Date Joined:  28 October 2020
Twitter:  @chloesas666

21-year-old Chloe is a glamour model and webcam girl from the south coast of England. The busty brunette has a gorgeous 5"5 body with D cup boobs that are so well enhanced they look totally natural!
Her 36-32-34 figure is curvy in all the right places and her regular gym sessions keep her young body beautifully toned.
Chloe Sas Updates

Wank And Delete
Chloe Sas April 7, 2021
Chloe is enjoying some alone time, touching herself in her bedroom when she realizes her flatmate is filming her! She is horrified and orders him to delete the footage but he says he won't as it's going to be his wank material for tonight. She says he can wank in front of her now if he agrees to delete...

Wrong Sext
Chloe Sas January 27, 2021
Chloe is reading her book when she gets a text message. As she looks in shock, her flat mate rushes in telling her not to look at it but it's too late! He accidentally sent her a dick pic meant for another girl. She is impressed with the cock size though and agrees to delete it only if he proves it is...

Pussy Makes The Rules
Chloe Sas December 23, 2020
When Chloe comes in asking for a pay rise, her boss refuses. So Chloe stands up, raises her skirt to show off her stockings and suspenders and rem inds him that she has the pussy therefore she makes the rules! He is captivated by the stunning view in front of him and eagerly agrees when she offers to...

Virtual Hen Party
Chloe Sas October 28, 2020
Chloe has planned a virtual hen party for her friend who is getting married. Loads of girls are watching her video stream as she tells male stripper Justin to get started. He gyrates and strips off but when the thong comes off his cock is soft. Chloe wants everyone to love the show so she strips naked...