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Models / Ella Rose

Avg Rating: 4.7

Ella Rose Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Date Joined:  30 November 2016
Twitter:  @ella_rose69

23-year-old Ella Rose is a glamour model from East London. She also works on the TV chat channels and webcams but has never done anything as naughty as her Lady Voyeurs shoot.
She may be 5"7 tall but her frame is petite but perfectly proportioned with lovely D cup tits.
Ella Rose Updates

Locker Room Flash
Ella Rose July 4, 2018
Ella is shocked when a guy walks into the locker room. They both think they are in the right place but she gets flusters and drops her towel, exposing her naked body. The guy instantly gets horny and she can't believe the size of the tent in his towel. She asks how big his dick is and when he says 9...
Cock Shy
Ella Rose April 18, 2018
Ella has gone to visit a therapist because ever since seeing her first black cock she has been terrified of penises. She was expecting a woman but Bob says he has a unique way of curing her. He strips off and shows her that not all dicks are huge and scary! Ella is nervous as he starts stroking it but...
Humiliation Party
Ella Rose February 7, 2018
Ella has showed photos of Danny's dick to her friends and was shocked when they told her it was small. They showed her photos of proper cocks and her eyes were opened. this time when he strips off for her, he is shocked when she starts laughing and humiliating him! Even worse her teasing of his little...
Biggest Dick Wins!
Ella Rose July 5, 2017
Two guys want to go out with Ella and she has to decide between them. Sex is an important part of a relationship so she tells them to strip off so she can see their naked bodies and cock size. Hung black dude Alex is much bigger than his white rival and she soon sends the small penis packing. She then...
Wank Interrupted
Ella Rose May 10, 2017
When Ella catches her flatmate having a wank to some porn, she surprises him by asking him to carry on! She wants to watch and is visibly excited as he uncovers his rock hard dick. She starts stripping off herself asking him if she looks better than the girl on the internet. Her perfectly toned body,...
10 Girl Show
Ella Rose April 5, 2017
After being interviewed for Lady Voyeurs, Ella has discovered she has mutual Facebook friends with the guy who stripped for her. No-one knows about his exhibitionism fetish so she agrees to keep it secret if he will perform for 10 of her friends at her house soon! She makes him try on a skimpy thong...
40 Year Old Virgin
Ella Rose February 15, 2017
When Ella saw an advert online by a 40 year old saying he had no luck with women and was still a virgin, she took pity on him and invited him to her house. She gets him to strip naked for her and play with himself and she then takes her own clothes off so he can see his first ever real naked woman. The...
Ella Interview
Ella Rose November 30, 2016
Stunning babe channel presenter Ella Rose is in the studio to give her thoughts on male nudity. As she describes seeing her first erection, the interviewer strips naked and gets a boner simply by her looking at his cock! She laughs but is shocked when he starts playing with it. She starts licking her...