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Models / Eva Ray

Avg Rating: 4.7

Eva Ray Vital Stats:
Hair:  Auburn / Red
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Rock Chick
Date Joined:  28 August 2019
Twitter:  @eva_ray_x

24 year old glamour and fetish model Eva hails from Essex. The tiny 5"2 babe can usually be found at a rock festival or practicing yoga.
She has a trim 31-25-34 figure with natural B cup tits and striking green eyes.
Eva Ray Updates

Sugar Daddy Meet
Eva Ray June 19, 2024
Eva has been chatting to a potential Sugar Daddy online and today they meet for the first time. He is taking her to an expensive restaurant but first wants to have some fun. He tries to grab her breasts but she says he hasn't earnt the right to touch yet. First, he has to strip naked and jerk off while...
Paying The Decorator
Eva Ray March 27, 2024
Justin has finished the decorating for next door neighbor Eva but when he hands her an invoice for the work she is horrified. She thought he was doing it for free as a welcome to the neighborhood favour. She can't afford to pay him but offers him another type of payment, opening her legs and flashing...
Credit Card Bill
Eva Ray November 2, 2022
Bratty Eva is used to getting her own way. She asks her step brother to pay her credit card bill for her but he refuses - so she starts sliding her skirt up and teasing him. She tells him he can strip naked and jerk off in front of her providing he pays the bill for her. She flashes her tits so he eagerly...
Stand To Attention
Eva Ray August 31, 2022
Army captain Eva has heard that private Beaver has not been taking orders from her female sergeants. She calls him into her office to test him and orders him to strip naked. He is reluctant but does as his commanding officer tells him. He covers his groin but when she orders him to stand to attention...
Married Cock
Eva Ray June 22, 2022
Eva has a thing for married guys so when her next door neighbor helps her out with some DIY she puts on her skimpiest skirt and sets out to seduce him. As she flaunts her tight young body and her skirt rides up, the older man gets horny and she tells him to strip and jerk off for her. As she lies back...
Schoolgirl Revenge
Eva Ray April 6, 2022
When Eva gets an F in class, she decides to get revenge on her teacher's husband who also works at the college. She goes to his class and seduces him, flashing her tight young body to encourage him to strip naked and jerk off for her. As she takes off her uniform and the older guy sees her perfect ass...
Coffee Cum Prank
Eva Ray January 15, 2020
Eva hates her office rival Sarah and decides to play a naughty trick on her! She uses her feminine charms to persuade colleague Paul to strip naked and jerk off into Sarah's coffee! She spreads her legs and lets him see her stockings and panties to get him horny. As he drops his trousers, she smiles...
Stripper Extras
Eva Ray November 27, 2019
Eva's husband has hired her a male stripper for her birthday. The guy dances away until he is naked but Eva seems disappointed that is all she is getting. She explains that she can't fuck him but offers him a load of money if she can watch him jerk off. To encourage him, she strips naked herself and...
You Asked For An Audience
Eva Ray August 28, 2019
When Matt told Eva he'd love her to be an audience as he jerks off, she took him at his word! She invited all her friends along and filled an entire room, all ready to watch him. He doesn't want to strip in front of all of them but she says it is his only chance if he wants her to watch him jerk off....