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Models / Ivy Hope

Avg Rating: 5.0

Ivy Hope Vital Stats:
Hair:  Mousey Brown
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Leggy
Best Feature:  Perfect Body
Date Joined:  15 December 2021
Twitter:  @IvyHope9090

Ivy Hope is a confident, bubbly girl from the north west of England. Originally from Liverpool she now lives in London and works as a glamour model and TV chat channel babe.
She is a leggy 5"6 without heels and has beautiful, all natural C cup tits.
Her flawless figure and toned ass are a result of hours in the gym.
Ivy Hope Updates

Remote Control Girlfriend
Ivy Hope June 29, 2022
Justin has discovered a remote control that works on his girlfriend. When he comes in from work, he taps a button and her clothes disappear! Now in just her underwear she shouts at him so he presses it again and her lingerie disappears. This turns her on and she tells him to strip too. He starts jerking...
Metal Detector
Ivy Hope May 4, 2022
Security guard Ivy thinks she has caught a shoplifter in the act so she drags him into the back office and searches him. Her metal detector goes off suggesting he has contraband on him and she orders him to strip. When his big black cock flops into sight she changes her tune and ignores his misdemeanour,...
Accountant Awakening
Ivy Hope March 2, 2022
It's time for the annual accounts to be prepared but our accountants sent over a new girl who had no idea what we do for a living. Rather than explain it, our stud decided to give her a demonstration, walking in naked and making her jaw drop! She watched stunned as he started jerking his cock in front...
Mankini Mishap
Ivy Hope December 15, 2021
Max arrives to take Ivy to a Christmas Party and she is stunned by his outfit! He is wearing a Christmas mankini which only just hides his penis! As she looks closer she realizes it is popping out because his cock is erect. She tells him he has to get rid of his boner before they can go to the party...