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Models / Jessy Ruth

Avg Rating: 4.8

Jessy Ruth Vital Stats:
Hair:  Mousey Brown
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Curvy
Best Feature:  Long Legs
Date Joined:  17 November 2021
Twitter:  @JessyRuth1

Jessy is a stripper turned glamour model from the North East of England. She was Spearmint Rhino's UK girl of the year in 2017 and was always captivating the club's customers with her long legs and sexy dance moves.
Now she is an art nude model, showing off her big D cup tits, luscious lips and beautiful 5"10 figure.
Jessy Ruth Updates

Diva Demands
Jessy Ruth September 21, 2022
Model Jessy throws a tantrum and walks off set. Photographer Max has to persuade her to come back and finish the advertising campaign but she is being difficult. When he calls her a diva she decides to take him down a peg. She says she will carry on with the shoot if he strips naked. He reluctantly does...
Home Nudist
Jessy Ruth November 17, 2021
John is having a visit from his parole officer Jessy and offers her a cup of tea. When he returns from the kitchen, she is shocked to see he is naked! He explains that he is a naturist and is always naked at home. She tries to carry on the meeting but is distracted by his big dick. He offers to cover...