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Models / Hattie Grace

Avg Rating: 5.0

Hattie Grace Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Fashion Model
Best Feature:  Classy Posh Beauty
Date Joined:  16 November 2022
Twitter:  @_HattieGrace_

Stunning brunette Hattie is a privately educated posh girl from the south east of England.
The 28-year-old has modelled all over the world and mainly does fashion and glamour due to her natural physique and beautiful looks.
Standing 5"8 without heels, the leggy babe has pert B cup tits and has a very naughty side that belies her upper class voice!
Hattie Grace Updates

Bored In Detention
Hattie Grace May 29, 2024
Hattie and Brad are bored sitting in detention so she decides to spice things up by asking if she can see his penis. He refuses but she says she heard from another girl that he showed her his dick. He agrees on the condition that Hattie strips off too. When he drops his trousers, Hattie bites her lip...
Recognized By Neighbor
Hattie Grace April 12, 2023
Hattie's boyfriend spotted their next door neighbour in an adult film online! She even watched the film herself and couldn't believe what a big cock her neighbour had! He begs her to keep it a secret as his boss doesn't know he shoots porn. Hattie offers to keep it to herself on the condition that he...
Trouser Mishap
Hattie Grace February 1, 2023
Hattie's blind date has arrived to pick her up but seems agitated about her outfit. The skimpy dress doesn't hide a lot and he visibly squirms as they chat before letting out a moan and turning away. When he turns back Hattie notices a stain in his trousers and realizes that the loser has just cum in...
Communal Changing
Hattie Grace November 16, 2022
Hattie is getting undressed in the communal changing rooms at the health centre when in walks Aaron. He is hesitant to get undressed in front of her so she assumes he has a small dick. He looks like a bodybuilder and she assumes he takes steroids which have shrunk his cock. Feeling insulted, Aaron strips...