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Models / Lacey Taste

Avg Rating: 4.5

Lacey Taste Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Youthful Looks
Date Joined:  4 September 2020
Twitter:  @LaceyTaste

Lacey has amazing youthful looks considering she is actually 31! She regularly gets asked for ID as she looks barely a day over 18.
Standing at 5"4 and wearing a UK dress size 8 she is a petite and all natural girl next door type.
She has been a glamour model for top shelf magazines and more recently started venturing into adult modelling.
She is VERY likely to be a fan favourite!
Lacey Taste Updates

Bikini Spy
Lacey Taste August 11, 2021
Lacey is sunbathing in the garden when she becomes aware of a guy spying on her. When she confronts him he claims to be the gardener, hired by her mother. She tells him if he doesn't strip naked for her she will tell her mum he was spying on her. When his big dick flops into view, the young girl's eyes...

Lingerie Effects
Lacey Taste January 13, 2021
When Lacey gets home her flatmate can't believe she has been shopping again! She says she spends lots of money on lingerie because of the effect it has on men. He says lingerie does nothing for him so she decides to prove him wrong. She strips off and tries on two of the lingerie sets for him, stockings...

Educating Her Friends
Lacey Taste November 25, 2020
Lacey is a big hit with boys and can wrap them round her finger. Some of her girl friends are very nerdy though and have never even seen a boy naked. So she decides to video a guy stripping off and wanking so she can send it to them and educate them. Jake couldn't wait to get his cock out for Lacey but...

Hot Tub Thief
Lacey Taste October 7, 2020
Lacey is relaxing naked in the hot tub when her boyfriend's friend Alex sneaks in and steals her clothes and towel. He then appears and tells her how much he fancies her. She is attracted to him but says they can't fuck because of her boyfriend. Instead she stands up and shows him her naked body, prompting...