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Models / Lucky Lorenzo

Avg Rating: 3.8

Lucky Lorenzo Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian / Arabic
Body Type:  Slim and Toned
Best Feature:  A Total Flirt!
Date Joined:  18 December 2019
Twitter:  @LuckyLuxe5

Super sexy Lucky is a glamour model and babe channel presenter from south London.
The 23-year-old is half English, half arabic which is where her perfect olive skin and smouldering good looks come from.
Her perfect body comes from the gym though with lots of hard work and healthy eating leading to her immaculate figure.
Lucky Lorenzo Updates

Short Skirt Mistake
Lucky Lorenzo September 2, 2020
Lucky walks in on Max watching porn in the office. The following day when Lucky walks into his office again, this time in a very short skirt, Max gets the wrong idea and thinks she is showing out. As she bends over and he sees her stockings, he yanks down his trousers and jerks off. When Lucky turns...
Placebo Effect
Lucky Lorenzo July 15, 2020
Miss Lorenzo has given two subjects a test erection pill. When they strip she sees one with a full boner and the other totally soft. She tells Mr floppy that he had the placebo so it makes sense he isn't hard. He storms off, angry that he had to stand in front of a beautiful girl with a tiny soft cock....
Keep It Hard
India Asia, Lucky Lorenzo May 20, 2020
Two naughty college girls have hired a life model to pose for their art project. As he drops his robe, they stare at his dick so much that it starts to twitch with arousal. This makes them giggle and tease him even more until he is sporting a big erection. The model apologizes but the girls tell him...
Teasing Mum's Boyfriend
India Asia, Lucky Lorenzo March 4, 2020
Lucky confides in pal India that her mum's new boyfriend seems to fancy her. The two naughty girls decide to tease him and see how far they can push it. They call him in and ask his opinion on their underwear and as they strip off he gets a tent in his trousers. They tell him to get his cock out which...
Orgasm Rent
Lucky Lorenzo January 22, 2020
Lucky hasn't got the money to pay her rent and asks her landlord for an extension. He can't work out why she is dressed up to go out clubbing if she has no money, but she explains she gets guys to pay for her drinks by wrapping them round her finger. She lifts her dress to show off her perfectly toned...
Pick A Hole
India Asia, Lucky Lorenzo December 18, 2019
Lucky and India are talking about how geeky Alex is getting married soon but has only ever been with one woman. They call him in and tease him with their firm bodies. They show him their tits and his cock starts to stir in his trousers. Seeing only his second ever pair of tits makes him putty in their...