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Models / Mila Amora

Avg Rating: 4.2

Mila Amora Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Stunning Looks
Date Joined:  26 September 2018
Twitter:  @milaxxxvip

Gorgeous raven-haired beauty Mila Amora is a babe channel present working on late night TV.
She also glamour models and has been doing so since being spotted by a talent scout when just 18 years old.
Now 28, the leggy bombshell turns male heads everywhere she goes and says she loves talking dirty!
Mila Amora Updates

Protest Rally
Mila Amora January 24, 2024
Mila is working on her posters for the Pro Feminism rally this weekend. When Alex comes in and criticizes the cause she gets annoyed and decides to show him how "women rule". She flutters her eyelids and compliments his physique, persuading him to take first his shirt and then his shorts off. Her eyes...
First Day Uniform
Mila Amora September 29, 2021
When Steve arrives for his first day at work, new boss Mila tricks him into thinking he has to get measured for his new uniform. She makes him strip naked and measure his chest, inside leg and even his penis size! She even orders him to jerk off so she can measure his dick erect! She strips down to her...
Cheerleader Bribe
Mila Amora June 30, 2021
Mila's team are rubbish but she is determined to get a victory at all costs! She goes to the referee's office before kick off and pretends to keep dropping her pom poms so she can bend over in front of him. The red blooded male soon gets an erection and she giggles as it sticks out. She offers to let...
Money Maid
Mila Amora May 19, 2021
After his previous indiscretion with maid Gabriella, Justin has been left to find a new maid. When Mila hears what happened she asks why he didn't just pay the girl off to keep her quiet. She says she would happily take money to not say anything if he wanted to jerk off in front of her. He is keen on...
Trainee Sissy
Mila Amora February 17, 2021
Danny loved wanking in front of Mila the last time and wants to do it again but she wants something in return. She wants to see how far she can push him so she says he can jerk off for her again but only if he wears a pair of pink ladies knickers! He doesn't want to but when Mila opens her legs and shows...
Work For Your Gucci
Mila Amora November 6, 2019
Mila has fallen in love with the new Gucci handbag range and desperately wants one. She calls her sugar daddy round and asks him to buy her one but he wants something in return. He wants to jerk off in front of her while she strips naked for him. Mila will do anything to get the handbag so she tells...
Instant Erection Maker
Mila Amora September 11, 2019
Jack is surprised to find flatmate Mila looking sad after work. It turns out she has a Tinder date but doesn't think the guy will find her attractive! Jack tells her she is so sexy that any guy would get an instant erection looking at her - even him. She tells him to prove it and when he drops his pants...
Examination Boner
Mila Amora July 3, 2019
Nurse Mila has to examine a guy's testicles today but when he drops his trousers he is sporting a massive hard on! She explains they can't do the examination like that and he will have to get rid of it. She orders him to jerk off and cum for her right there and then! He is reluctant but when she strips...
Make An Old Man Happy
Mila Amora, Saskia Jade May 1, 2019
When Mila and Saskia hear their elderly next door neighbor has a terminal illness, they are determined to make his last days happy ones. They know he has been checking them out so they agree to go round and make an old man very happy! They confront him about ogling them but rather than being angry they...
Shoplifter Punished
Mila Amora February 13, 2019
Mila is hauled into the shop's office because manager Ben suspects her of stealing. He threatens to call the police unless she strips off and proves she doesn't have the shop's underwear on. She doesn't want the police involved and strips off, revealing the missing lingerie! The sight of her stunning...
Put In A Good Word
Mila Amora, Saskia Jade January 23, 2019
Mila finds out that Justin is interested in her friend Sarah so she goes to see him and expplains that Sarah only like guys with big cocks. He boasts that his is big so she says she will put in a good word if he shows it to her. He opens his robe and she is less than impressed but wants to see it at...
Under Secretary's Desk
Mila Amora December 19, 2018
Mila's boss uses her sexy secretary to get ammunition on all their male suppliers. Today, unsuspecting Daniel is waiting for an appointment when Mila opens her legs. He can see under her desk and gets an instant hard on. He gropes himself while she's not looking but is shocked when she asks him to take...
Bikini Tease
Mila Amora October 24, 2018
Stunning Mila loves teasing men. Today she calls friend Max round so she can ask his opinion on some new bikinis. He is gobsmacked when she strips naked in front of him and starts trying them on! He gets a boner and she tells him to get it out so she can see how excited each bikini makes him. As he jerks...
Second Opinion
Mila Amora, Saskia Jade September 26, 2018
After his embarrassing first audition with Saskia, budding actor Danny is horrified to find she has called him back to perform in front of her colleague Mila as well. He is desperate for the role and begins undressing for them. The girls giggle about how much he must love exposing himself. Despite his...