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Models / Carmen Cream

Avg Rating: 3.2

Carmen Cream Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Big Ass
Date Joined:  October 11, 2013

26-year-old Carmen Cream is a part-time glamour model from Surrey in England.
The curvy sexpot is a lover of tattoos and has two half sleeves, a stomach/hip/thigh piece, as well as her ankles, back, neck and shoulders tattooed.
Carmen Cream Updates

Wank Your Boner
Carmen Cream January 21, 2015
After seeing the hunky male model's big dick in "Get Rid Of It", Natasha has invited him round to her house for another look. She is desperate to watch him jerk off again and is already on the bed in stockings, panties and just a shirt to entice him. She offers to show some skin herself if he strips...

Get Rid Of It
Carmen Cream December 17, 2014
Top model Natasha is doing a fashion shoot with a male model in underwear. As they pose, she notices that he has developed a prominent erection in his pants. She calls a halt to the shoot and sends the photographer out before telling the male to "sort himself out". She orders him to drop his pants and...