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Models / Paris Model

Avg Rating: 4.8

Paris Model Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim and Leggy
Best Feature:  Classy MILF
Date Joined:  16 January 2022
Twitter:  @ParisModelUK

Classy blonde Paris has been doing glamour and fetish modelling for nearly ten years. Her stunning looks and posh demeanour hide a naughty side and she has a particular love of being spanked!
The 30-year-old can also be very dominant when she wants to be and says one of her pastimes is collecting keys for cock cages!
Her boobs are all natural and a lovely 32C and her slim figure is the result of regular gym sessions.
Paris Model Updates

Scrubs Up Well
Paris Model July 3, 2024
Paris works in the supplies department at the hospital. When a surgeon comes in needing some new scrubs, she tells him to take his trousers off behind the screen. When she turns around he is standing there with his huge dick swinging between his legs and her mouth opens in shock! She hands him the new...
Bragging Girlfriend
Paris Model April 17, 2024
Jon's girlfriend has been bragging about how big his cock is. Her best friend Paris wants to see what all the fuss is about so she puts on a sexy dress and goes to visit Jon. She offers to strip naked if he will show her his penis. When he drops his trousers, Paris's eyes bulge at his massive dick! She...
Surprise Extra
Paris Model, Princess Phee September 14, 2022
Paris has talked a classmate into modelling nude for her art assignment but when he arrives he is horrified to find a second girl there. He has to follow through with his agreement though and he strips off and stands naked as they giggle at him. Unfortunately his dick starts twitching and he developts...
Hospital Checks
Paris Model, Princess Phee August 3, 2022
Justin is recovering from penis enlargement surgery and nurses Phee and Paris need to remove the bandages and check his "equipment" still works. As he unveils his new penis, the girls stare at it closely before starting to remove their uniforms! The sight of their red lingerie instantly has an effect...
Slut Rumours
Paris Model, Princess Phee April 20, 2022
Paris and Phee wait for Max's wife to go out and then knock on his door. They are unhappy that his wife has been spreading rumours about them being sluts. To get their own back they decide to show her just how slutty they can be - by seducing her husband! As they spread their legs and let him see up...