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Models / Penny Lee

Avg Rating: 4.7

Penny Lee Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Hourglass
Best Feature:  Dirty Talker
Date Joined:  1 July 2015

Glamour model Penny Lee hails from the south coast of England and is a regular on the late night TV chat channels.
The 23-year-old with perfect natural 34D tits works up to implied nude usually so being in the same room as a naked guy with a hardon was VERY unusual for her.
The 5"5 stunner seemed to love the view though and her incredible dirty talk would get any man hard!
Penny Lee Updates

Video For The Girls
Penny Lee May 8, 2019
After losing a bet and having to strip and jerk off in front of Penny, Ben is shocked when she asks to see him again. It turns out she told all her girlfriends about it and they all now want to see as well! Penny asks if she can film him jerking off again and she starts stripping out of her satin night...
Addicted To Watching
Penny Lee February 20, 2019
Penny surprises our photographer when she suddenly turns up at the studio. Our photographer is shocked when she explains that she thinks she is addicted to watching men jerk off and would give anything to see his cock again! A quick flash of cleavage is all it takes for him to start undressing and her...
Two By Two
Penny Lee January 16, 2019
Penny is interviewing new males for Lady Voyeurs and decides to get them in two at a time so it's quicker. Unfortunately for small cock white boy Danny he is paired with monster black dick Alex and suffers the humiliation of Penny laughing as he drops his trousers! Her eyes light up though when she sees...
Gloryhole Voyeur
Penny Lee May 16, 2018
Penny is powdering her nose in the ladies when suddenly a penis appears through a hole in the wall! She is shocked but starts talking to the pervert as she likes the look of his cock. She invites him into her cubicle and makes him jerk off for her while she watches. She really wants to see him cum so...
Winning Wager
Penny Lee March 28, 2018
Penny is all excited because she has won a bet with her friend Ben. The prize is that she gets to see him naked! Ben wasn't expecting to lose and is reluctant but strips off as she giggles away. When his boxers come down she stares wide eyed at his big fat cock! She is impressed with the size but when...
Free Drinks
Penny Lee December 27, 2017
Flatmate Danny is shocked that Penny gets men to buy her free drinks all night but doesn't give them anything in return. She explains that she can wrap any man round her little finger but he says it wouldn't work on him. She starts raising her dress slightly and showing her cleavage and she soon convinces...
Wet Dreams
Penny Lee August 2, 2017
Penny's sister has gone to work and left her boyfriend in bed. Penny goes to wake him up but walks in on a big morning glory! When she laughs, he wakes up and is very embarrassed but Penny says her sister has told her he has a big cock and she asks to see it. He slowly pulls his pants down and when she...
Accidental Tent
Penny Lee June 14, 2017
During a business meeting, Daniel gets an accidental tent in his trousers because he can see down Penny's top. She bursts out laughing when she sees his boner sticking out but then insists he gets it out and show it to her. He reluctantly does so and she is amazed at what a good size it is. She flashes...
Pussy Marathon
Dolly Diamond, Penny Lee February 1, 2017
When Dolly finds loads of pictures of girls having their pussies licked on her boyfriend's phone, she hatches a plan to punish him. She is going to invite all her friends round and get them to sit on his face all night until he is sick of pussy. But first she is going to empty his balls so he doesn't...
Icing On The Cake
Dolly Diamond, Penny Lee December 14, 2016
When Dolly tells her friend Penny about her step brother's love of exposing himself, she just has to see for herself. The girls call him in and make him strip naked. They are shocked at how erect he is the moment his cock appears. As he jerks off for them they fetch the birthday cake they have got for...
Pussy Boy
Penny Lee October 12, 2016
Nurse Penny Lee tells a male patient that she has to check his libido still works. She makes him show her his cock and he gets an embarrassing erection. She tells him to jerk off and then strips naked to encourage him to wank for her. The sight of her pussy and big tits gets him very horny and he wanks...
Cheer Up Wank
Penny Lee August 24, 2016
Penny is all upset because she has split up with her boyfriend. One of the things she will really miss is the way he used to let her watch while he jerked off. When her friend Simon hears this he offers to let her watch him and she giggles as he strips naked for her. Seeing his rock solid boner gets...
Penny Lee Interview
Penny Lee August 19, 2015
A brilliant and frank interview with Penny Lee reveals how she has had experiences with both tiny and huge cocks in real life and loves going to male strip shows and getting their big cocks slapped in her hands. As the interviewer strips naked in front of her she giggles as his cock twitches with excitement....
Cock Cage Weekend
Penny Lee July 1, 2015
Penny has been away for the weekend but before she went she locked her boyfriend's penis in a chastity device! She hands him the key and says he is allowed one wank before she locks his dick up again. As he starts jerking off she tells him all about the other men she has sucked and fucked over the weekend....