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Models / Tindra Frost

Avg Rating: 4.7

Tindra Frost Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Filthy Talk
Date Joined:  28 November 2018
Twitter:  @tindrafrost

Sexy filth talker Tindra is half Scottish half Icelandic and is a glamour and adult model living in the UK.
The 27-year-old normally only works with females so her appearances on Lady Voyeurs are her only hardcore scenes with men.
Her E cup tits look very natural but are, in fact, silicone but they perfectly complement her 32-24-32 physique.
Tindra Frost Updates

Nurse Shock
Tindra Frost November 22, 2023
Max turns up to his check up with nurse Tindra and tells her he has done this examination before. So she tells him to take his top off and turns away to check her notes. When she turns back she is shocked to come face to face with his penis! He was only supposed to be doing an upper body exam but now...
Panty Stealer
Tindra Frost July 19, 2023
Tindra is very unimpressed when she finds a pair of her panties in her flatmate's room. She asks him what he's been doing with them and he admits he's been jerking off with them. She orders him to show here there and then or she will tell everyone what a pervert he is. He strips off and she starts giggling...
Grower Not Shower
Tindra Frost February 3, 2021
Tindra has booked a fitness model and is very impressed with his physique until he takes his joggers off. The bulge in his trunks looks small and she wonders if he takes steroids as it's known to shrink the genitals. The guy says he is a grower not a shower and yanks down his pants to prove it. This...
Stag Competition
Tindra Frost January 1, 2020
Tindra is in her hotel room when there is a knock on the door. The guy outside hands her a piece of paper which explains that he is on a stag do and they have been given a list of dares to earn cash prizes. The first one is to get naked in front of a girl so to help him out she says he can strip for...
Payback On The Flasher
Tindra Frost August 7, 2019
Tindra walked out on John on their first date when he flashed his cock, so he was surprised to then get a call from her. It seems she has had a change of heart and wants him to strip naked - providing she can film it. He is reluctant but when she undresses in front of him he can't help but drop his pants...
Sharing Orgasms
Tindra Frost April 17, 2019
Tindra's boyfriend is away for the next few weeks and she is horny on her own. She hears flatmate Justin watching porn in his room and invites him in. She opens her legs and asks if he wants to jerk off in front of her - in return she will finger her wet cunt while he watches. The two strip naked and...
Stroke Break
Tindra Frost February 6, 2019
Secretary Tindra looks forward to the "stroke breaks" that she has with her boss every day. After they have done a certain amount of work, they relieve stress by her boss getting his cock out and jerking off in front of her. Tindra refers to him as "sir" throughout the scene in which she strips down...
Cuckold Hubby
Tindra Frost November 28, 2018
Danny has found a photo on his wife's phone of her having sex with another man. He asks his wife's friend Tindra about it and she is shocked to see him getting aroused. She decides to tease him and tells him what a filthy slut his wife is. As his cock grows she makes him strip naked while she tells him...