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Models / Brook Logan

Avg Rating: 4.9

Brook Logan Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Toned
Best Feature:  Brilliant Performer
Date Joined:  11 January 2017
Twitter:  @XxBrookLogan

Stunning lap dancer and glamour model Brook Logan is one of the sexiest girls we've had in the studio.
The 5"4 brunette babe, also known as Princess Brook, has a perfect and all natural 32-24-32 body with pert A cup tits.
Brook Logan Updates

Inspection Lady
Brook Logan May 1, 2024
Brook has been tasked with doing a stock check of all the leisure centre's assets. She walks into the men's changing room to inspect how many lockers and benches there are and finds Justin in just a towel! She tells him not to mind her and to carry on, but when he drops his towel and she sees his hard...
In The Flesh
Brook Logan February 21, 2024
Brook is shocked to be recognised by a fan when she is at a party. He is mesmerized by her and she takes pity on him and asks if he wants to feel her tits. Groping his idol's boobs soon has him hard and Brook is shocked by the size of the tent. She encourages him to get it out and can't believe how big...
Smoking Deal
Brook Logan December 6, 2023
When Brook catches one of her teacher's having a cheeky cigarette behind the bike sheds, she decides to take advantage. Silence will come at a price - she wants straight A's and to see him naked! The teacher can't afford to lose his job so he reluctantly starts stripping off. When his huge cock flops...
In The Woods
Brook Logan February 27, 2019
Brook is out for a quiet walk in the woods when she stumbles across a naked man jerking off! She is shocked but watches him for a while before confronting him. She promises not to tell anyone, providing he carries on, and she lifts her dress to encourage him. She talks dirty as the older guy starts beating...
Public Car Wank
Brook Logan January 9, 2019
A guy pulls over on the side of the road to have a quick wank and is in mid stroke when Brook Logan walks past his window. He covers up but she sees enough to know what he's doing! She leans in the window and tells him to carry on or she will report him. He shows her his cock and when he sees her ass...
Sunbathing Peeper
Brook Logan November 21, 2018
Brook is sunbathing in the park when she notices a guy in the bushes watching her and jerking off! She calls him out and says she won't say anything providing he strips naked and carries on! She encourages him by stripping out of her skimpy bikini and showing her pert naked body. She bends over and lets...
Thong Show
Brook Logan, Chloe Toy May 2, 2018
Brook and Chloe work in the same buying company as Felicity. They have heard what she got up to with the novelty thong salesman and are determined to get the same show. They talk him into modelling his new range and then hike up their skirts while he's out of the room. Each time he comes in with the...
Little Accident
Brook Logan, Chloe Toy March 7, 2018
Brook and Chloe are wondering if it is possible for a man to cum in his pants without touching himself. So they call Bob in and tease him to find out! They bend over and strip out of their clothes pretending to try on dresses and soon Bob gets so aroused that he has an accident in his pants! The girls...
Girl Girl Temptation
Brook Logan, Chloe Toy January 10, 2018
After seducing her teacher in the previous class, Chloe now tells friend Brook all about it and they seduce the helpless guy together! They open their legs and flash their knickers to encourage him to grope himself. Then they strip naked to convince him to do the same. As he strokes his cock the two...
Domme Tease
Brook Logan August 16, 2017
Sexy domme Brook Logan has her male slave chained to a bench by his feet and hands. She teases him in her skimpy PVC outfit and laughs that he wants to fuck her so badly but can't. She exposes his cock and unties one hand so he can jerk off as he watches her. She strips off and spreads her legs before...
Good Enough For Mum
Brook Logan June 21, 2017
Brook's mum has been seeing new guy Jeff for a while but they haven't had sex yet so the mischievous young girl decides to find out if he has what it takes to satisfy her mother. She tricks him into stripping off and showing her his cock but when she sees how big it is she undresses herself so she can...
Two Tests
Brook Logan May 17, 2017
Danny is all excited about a first date but when he arrives to pick Brook up he discovers he has to pass two tests to even take her to dinner! Brook only goes out with guys with big cocks so she orders him to strip naked and let her see his penis! He reluctantly does so and her eyes widen as his cock...
Neighbor's Daughter
Brook Logan April 12, 2017
Brook has caught her pervy neighbor spying on her when she's sunbathing in the garden. She drags him into her bedroom and tells him to strip naked - otherwise she will tell her parents and his wife that he fucked her! The poor guy strips off and has an instant boner which makes her laugh. As she humiliates...
Vital Stats
Brook Logan March 1, 2017
Ben wants to become a model but first he has to give his vital stats to gorgeous modelling agent Brook. She is most interested in his penis size and makes him strip naked so she can measure his dick! It's 5 inches soft but she wants to measure it at full size so she strips naked for him and encourages...
Brook Interview
Brook Logan January 11, 2017
Stunning Babestation glamour model Brook Logan opens up about her experiences with naked men all the time staring at a hard cock! From the moment the interviewer drops his pants he is rock hard and Brook giggles as his cock twitches on its own. She talks about seeing cock on nudist beaches and ladies...