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Models / Chloe Toy

Avg Rating: 4.7

Chloe Toy Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Teen Look
Date Joined:  3 May 2017
Twitter:  @toychloe

Petite 22-year-old Chloe looks even younger than she is thanks to her tiny frame and pert natural boobs.
The Essex babe is only 5"5 and has 32-24-34 body with C cup tits.
She has been a glamour model for nearly 4 years and has more recently been branching out into adult work but she never works with guys, making her appearance on LadyVoyeurs easily the naughtiest shoot she has ever done!
Chloe Toy Updates

Pay The Fare
Chloe Toy May 13, 2020
Taxi driver Chloe is furious when halfway through the journey her client says he has forgotten his wallet. She drives to the middle of nowhere and pulls over - ordering him to remove his clothes and give them to her as payment. She decides to teach him a lesson and orders him to jerk off while she watches....
First Peak
Chloe Toy February 26, 2020
College girl Chloe is desperate to see her first cock and has persuaded a class mate to sneak out with her during break time. He is nervous but the promise of seeing Chloe naked encourages him to drop his pants. She seems underwhelmed by his cock but he explains that it is much bigger when erect. She...
Farmer's Break
Chloe Toy October 30, 2019
Farm hand Justin sneaks into the barn for a quick wank - he can't control himself after seeing farmer's daughter Chloe in her sexy summer dress. Sadly for him Chloe follows him and watches him jerking off. She finds it hilarious and walks over to catch him in the act. He is embarrassed but she tells...
Thong Show
Brook Logan, Chloe Toy May 2, 2018
Brook and Chloe work in the same buying company as Felicity. They have heard what she got up to with the novelty thong salesman and are determined to get the same show. They talk him into modelling his new range and then hike up their skirts while he's out of the room. Each time he comes in with the...
Little Accident
Brook Logan, Chloe Toy March 7, 2018
Brook and Chloe are wondering if it is possible for a man to cum in his pants without touching himself. So they call Bob in and tease him to find out! They bend over and strip out of their clothes pretending to try on dresses and soon Bob gets so aroused that he has an accident in his pants! The girls...
Girl Girl Temptation
Brook Logan, Chloe Toy January 10, 2018
After seducing her teacher in the previous class, Chloe now tells friend Brook all about it and they seduce the helpless guy together! They open their legs and flash their knickers to encourage him to grope himself. Then they strip naked to convince him to do the same. As he strokes his cock the two...
First Comparison
Chloe Toy November 29, 2017
Innocent Chloe has never seen a cock before and wants her first time not to be a disappointment so she gets two male friends to expose themselves to her. She stares wide eyed as the big black cock flops into view but is less than impressed when small cock white boy drops his pants. She makes fun of him...
Line Of Enquiry
Chloe Toy October 11, 2017
Policewoman Chloe is doing a door to door search trying to find the perpetrator of a flashing. The victim was only to give a description of the man's cock as it was hard so Chloe has to see each man naked to rule them out of their inquiries. John drops his pants but is then told the attacker's cock was...
Drug Testing
Chloe Toy August 23, 2017
After winning the silver medal, athlete Josh is shocked to be asked to take a drugs test. He is even more shocked when the pretty examiner explains that athletes have been diluting their urine so they now have to test semen! She insists he jerk off in front of her so she knows the spunk is actually his....
Scheming Coed
Chloe Toy July 19, 2017
Chloe's teacher tries telling her off but is taken aback when she opens her legs and accuses him of fancying her. He tries to deny it but when she says he can get his cock out and wank in front of her, he seizes the chance. The dirty old man gets more and more excited as the young stunner strips naked...
Hold The Pose
Chloe Toy May 3, 2017
Chloe is drawing her first male nude this morning but as she sketches away she is distracted as the flaccid penis starts twitching. As she stares at it the cock becomes fully erect. She awkwardly asks the guy to hold his pose and he apologizes for his arousal. She tells him to keep it hard so she can...