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Models / Tamara Phillips

Avg Rating: 4.5

Tamara Phillips Vital Stats:
Hair:  Mousey Brown
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim and Toned
Best Feature:  Innocent Newcomer
Date Joined:  21 August 2019

Leggy Tamara is brand new to the world of adult entertainment and shot her first ever scene with Lady Voyeurs.
The 24-year-old from London ditched her university studies so she could do something she loves - staring at naked men!
If Hannah shows you her heart, consider yourself a very lucky man - because it is tattooed on her asshole!
Tamara Phillips Updates

Our Word Against Yours
Louise Hardy, Tamara Phillips February 12, 2020
Louise and Hannah threaten the teacher that they will tell the principal that he put his hand up their skirts if he doesn't let them leave detention early. The poor innocent man did nothing wrong but its his word against the two of them. But when he calls them bitches they decide to teach him a lesson....
Older Sister's Boyfriend
Louise Hardy, Tamara Phillips November 13, 2019
Louise is chatting to her friend about her older sister's boyfriend who apparently has a big dick. Just then he walks in and the girls blush. They admit what they were talking about and ask if they can see it. He says no but they strip off to encourage him. With the two young girls in their lingerie...
Performing Monkey
Louise Hardy, Tamara Phillips August 21, 2019
Louise has a guy who pays her to watch him jerk off. Today she has invited friend Hannah along to watch her performing monkey. The girls find it hilarious as he strips off and waves his dick around in front of them. As it bobs up and down they call him the nodding dog before Louise orders him to get...