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Models / Louise Hardy

Avg Rating: 4.8

Louise Hardy Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Innocent Newcomer
Date Joined:  17 July 2019
Twitter:  @luuuuizee

Stunning 24-year-old Louise is a glamour and foot fetish model from Essex.
The brunette babe looks younger than her years and has all natural C up tits and a petite 34-26-34 figure.
She has never done any adult filming before her visit to Lady Voyeurs but said she loved staring at all the exposed cocks!
Louise Hardy Updates

Double Booked
Louise Hardy July 6, 2022
Louise has accidentally booked two male life models for the same session so she tells them to strip off and she will decide which one to use. When the big black cock and much smaller white dick are side by side, it's an easy choice and she sends whitey home. But she is then concerned that the huge black...
Monkey Load
Louise Hardy April 27, 2022
Louise told her girlfriends about the masturbation show she got from her "performing monkey" and they want to see for themselves. She decides to film his next show but the live stream soon has over a hundred girls waiting for him to strip! Louise threatens to never let him wank for her again if he doesn't...
Suspenders Help
Louise Hardy February 9, 2022
Louise is getting dolled up in the changing room ready for a date after college when suddenly one of the PE teachers walks in. He is stunned by how sexy she looks and when she asks for help doing up her stockings and suspenders he eagerly agrees. Being so close to her perfect body gives him a boner and...
How To Pay Your Rent
Louise Hardy November 24, 2021
Louise's landlord is hassling her for the rent money again. When she explains that she is struggling financially, he suggests that a pretty girl like her should open an Only Fans account. The idea of getting paid to show off her body appeals to her and she opens her legs to see if Jeff likes it! He offers...
Sell Yourself For Me
Louise Hardy August 12, 2020
Louise has asked Danny back to jerk off for her again but this time she wants to film it on her phone. She is going to show the video to all 40 girls on her contact list and then sell tickets to Danny's next wank! She plans to make money from girls paying to watch him strip and jerk off. The poor guy...
Big Cock Therapy
Louise Hardy June 17, 2020
Louise has gone to see a therapist because she recently slept with a guy with a 6 inch cock and now she is scared of big dicks. She can't understand why the therapist laughs at this but when he stands up and drops his trousers she realizes why! His black anaconda dick is way bigger than 6 inches - and...
Please Sir
Louise Hardy March 25, 2020
Louise has been struggling with her homework and doesn't understand why some willys have a foreskin and some don't. Teacher Justin becomes flustered when she asks whether he has a foreskin. As the naughty girl opens her legs, he can't help but get horny and soon gives in when she asks to see it. When...
Our Word Against Yours
Louise Hardy, Tamara Phillips February 12, 2020
Louise and Hannah threaten the teacher that they will tell the principal that he put his hand up their skirts if he doesn't let them leave detention early. The poor innocent man did nothing wrong but its his word against the two of them. But when he calls them bitches they decide to teach him a lesson....
Do Older Guys Need Viagra?
Louise Hardy December 25, 2019
Louise fancies an older guy but has heard that more mature men struggle to get hard ons. When middle aged Justin walks in he tells her she is dead wrong. To prove it he yanks down his trousers and out springs a full on boner! Louise's mouth drops in shock but her eyes widen. "Have you taken viagra?"...
Older Sister's Boyfriend
Louise Hardy, Tamara Phillips November 13, 2019
Louise is chatting to her friend about her older sister's boyfriend who apparently has a big dick. Just then he walks in and the girls blush. They admit what they were talking about and ask if they can see it. He says no but they strip off to encourage him. With the two young girls in their lingerie...
Security Takes Advantage
Louise Hardy October 2, 2019
Cheeky security guard Louise loves abusing her position. When Jake tries to enter the VIP art gallery she says she has to search him first. She makes him strip off and as he pulls his pants down she giggles and comments on how small his penis is. He claims to be a grower not a shower so she tells him...
Performing Monkey
Louise Hardy, Tamara Phillips August 21, 2019
Louise has a guy who pays her to watch him jerk off. Today she has invited friend Hannah along to watch her performing monkey. The girls find it hilarious as he strips off and waves his dick around in front of them. As it bobs up and down they call him the nodding dog before Louise orders him to get...
Accidental Explosion
Louise Hardy July 17, 2019
The most popular girl in college, Louise gets one of the male geeks to do her homework. As she is checking Nigel's latest effort she notices him staring at her bare legs. Suddenly he groans and she sees a damp spot in the front of his trousers. She realizes he has cum in his pants and decides to humiliate...